Indian Women Take to Online Gaming during Television Strike

Television helps people all over the world to pass the time. What are people to do, however, when the entire television industry in their country is on strike? In India, women love their soap operas and their interesting television shows. Lately, with the strike by workers in India's television industry, women have been trying to entertain themselves with other projects. They are replacing their television time with something even more fun - online gaming.

Women and Gaming in India

Women across India are discovering the fun of online gaming, since they aren't able to watch their beloved television shows. Once they realize what online gaming is all about, they are finding that they love it and want to continue to play. Casual games offered by, and other websites, are quick, free to play and loads of fun. is a website that's completely dedicated to girls and has over 2000 world class casual games. It gets 10 million page views each month. It is the largest site for girls in India at the moment.

Gaming and Women - Statistics

In the international community, women make up over 50% of the gamers. On some sites, including and, 75% of the buyers are women! This trend is catching on in India, like it has in so many other places around the world. 70% of the buyers using's downloadable section are women. Many of these women, like housewife Radhika Seth, say that they were bored by the reruns on television and were ready for a change. Online games introduce them to fun activities and to a great outlet for their creativity.

More Fun with Unique Games

Women and gaming in India is picking up speed, and rightly so. There are so many free casino games that women can enjoy in the privacy of their own home. During the hours when they would have been watching television, they can now play their favorite games and even interact with other players. They can enjoy games with every theme under the sun, from baking to dog walking to fashion. Anything is possible with these great online games, and the women in India are starting to tap into this great new resource!

New Fun at Zapak

Today, Zapak Gameplex is giving women in India a gift. This gaming café is offering one hour of daily entertainment to all women. Free of cost, women can enjoy gaming with their friends and playing their favorite online games. This offer begins on November 24th 2008 and ends on December 8th 2008. Women and gaming in India has started to take off and it's time to have fun! Find out more about this new outlet that is taking off with the women in India. It's a great new adventure and a fun way to pass the time!