Twisted Circus Mobile Slots

You’ve never had a more fun experience than you’ll have with the Twisted Circus Mobile Slots game. Here, you’ll see the circus characters who will offer you great enjoyment as part of the online slots India game. The symbols here all create the ambiance of the slightly bizarre circus experience from the fire breather and the snake lady to the strong man, the pretzel man, the half-man and half-woman, the monkey and so much more. All of these characters are drawn in a slightly dark and sinister way, while they create a fun and enjoyable free slots games online experience.

Real Money Fun

With Twisted Circus Mobile Slots, you can certainly play free slots games online like this one. You can also play real money slots on the mobile and enjoy the opportunity to challenge yourself and raise the bar on your opportunities to win. The Twisted Circus Mobile Slots game includes 243 Ways to Win, offering many opportunities for wining fun. If you have three or more of the same circus performer you’ll win (if they are on adjacent reels and they start with reel 1).

Other Fun Symbols

With the online slots India game you’ll also have many great additional ways to win. There are great additional symbols here that make the game exciting when you play real money slots. The wild symbol is the Twisted Circus Logo and it can substitute for other performers to create winning combinations. It can triple your payouts as well. The scatter symbol is the Circus Admission Ticket. If you have two or more of the tickets, you’ll win a payout. And if you have three or more of them you’ll get 13 free spins with tripled prizes. If you have three ringmaster symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5, you’ll get a cash payout and you’ll be invited into the Circus Match Bonus Game.

The Circus Match Bonus Game

Now, the real fun is certainly in the Circus Match Bonus Game with the Twisted Circus Mobile Slots game. Here, you’ll see 16 stars and behind each one is a symbol. Behind one of the is the Wild symbol and your job is to pick starts to see what is hidden behind them. If you get three of the same performer you’ll get a prize that is tied to that performer. Of course, if the wild symbol is there with two of one symbol, it will help you to make it into a three-of-a-kind.

Get ready for great fun as you enjoy the online slots India game Twisted Circus Mobile Slots. Enjoy the chance to play real money slots or to enjoy free slots games online and have a blast with this great one. You'll enjoy this 243 Ways to Win game every time that you play and have fun.