Mobile Gaming Brings you Scratch Card

The mobile scratch card is the latest "phone phun" allowing the player to "scratch" for prizes without running to a kiosk to buy a card, or even scratching a card on the internet on his PC. Not long ago playing scratch card on the net was the epitome of online gambling!

Now you have a mini-lottery easily and conveniently available with the pushing of a few buttons on your mobile phone.

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone these days, and most users are familiar with the free mobile games that come as part of your mobile phone software. Such games as Snakes, Bounce and Space War were very common, but as mobile technology continued to develop, more and more types of games were added to enhance the entertainment aspect of the mobile phone. Mobile gaming has now become a very exciting part of mobile entertainment and mobile scratch card is the easiest game to play.

Microgaming, the leading software supplier of online and mobile casino games, has developed the mobile scratch card with delightful graphics and easy to follow instructions.

Once you have signed on with a mobile casino, you only need to know which button to push for the "download scratch card". After you have done that, you push the "show" button to display the images on the card. If you have three of the same image or symbol, you're a winner! Fast, easy and fun.

Mobile Scratch Card Popularity

This latest addition to mobile gaming is gaining rapidly worldwide in popularity. It is being played all over the world where mobile phones together with "tech-savvy" players are found. Because it is so simple, electronically scratching to reveal the concealed areas, it has massive appeal. Furthermore, the prizes are considerable and, in many instances, higher than any of the paper scratch cards sold in kiosks.

Spreading the Action around the World

One of the fastest growing mobile gaming markets can be found in India where the large under-25 population considers mobile phones as must-have items. In India the mobile scratch card would have a huge player base. They are already playing the free mobile games with a vengeance, and introduction of the mobile scratch card would greatly enhance the mobile gaming industry there.