The Mobile Scratch Card with a Football Theme

For UK and European football fans (the game called soccer in the U.S.), the mobile Scratch and Score game arrived just in time for all the big summer football events: the English Champions League finals and the Euro '08 competition.

This scratch card game is played exactly like all the standard scratch games except that its theme is football, and all its images and symbols are football oriented: football boots, t-shirts, shorts and the most desirable golden cup. Any three of the same symbol will give you a win. If you are lucky enough to find three golden cups, you have won the championship and your payout is 50 to 1!

You won't find mobile Scratch and Score under your list of free mobile games, but if you are a football fan, you will love this virtual mobile scratch game. Even though the summer European and UK football events are over, a real football fan will continue to enjoy this newest addition to mobile gaming.

The Origins of Mobile Scratch and Score

Spin3, a division of Spiral Solutions, is a worldwide leader in providing mobile gaming solutions. They boast a state-of-the-art computer and mobile technology committed to innovation in the growing mobile gaming industry. Together with Microgaming, the world's oldest and largest supplier of online gaming software, Spin3 first created the mobile scratch card and then, before the summer football highlights began, they came out with Scratch and Score. This shows how the company's innovative spirit can respond to customer requirements and demands.

Tailoring to Area Demands

The fastest growing mobile gaming industry is now taking place in India where a majority of young hi-tech savants are finding that they cannot live without their mobile phones. They are already playing all the free mobile games to their utmost and are now branching out into mobile gambling.
Mobile Scratch and Score would need to be adjusted to the Indian market since their favorite game is cricket not football. There are definitely football fans in India, but a Scratch and Score game with cricket themes would make a terrific hit there.

Meanwhile, until a cricket virtual scratch card is created, the Indian mobile gaming market will be very happy with the Spin3 football themed mobile Scratch and Score game.