Enjoy Horseracing with the New Mobile Casino Game Royal Derby

If you love betting on horseracing and have enjoyed doing so - either at the actual races or online - then you'll love this! Now, you can enjoy horseracing with Royal Derby, a new mobile casino game powered by Microgaming. Spin3, the leading full service mobile gambling solutions provider, has recently launched this great horseracing game that is not to be missed.

What is Royal Derby?

Royal Derby is a new mobile casino game that creates the horseracing experience in a virtual setting. You pick a winner for each race based on many factors - the form of the horse and jockey, the ground conditions and weather and other factors. This game duplicates the excitement of horseracing with great animation and audio effects. It's one of the most sophisticated and interesting new mobile casino games available at this time.

Why Enjoy Horseracing on Your Mobile?

The question really is, why NOT enjoy horseracing on your mobile? Everyone loves their mobile phone. Now, with all of the new mobile casino game technology, people can enjoy playing their favorite games right on their phones. There is nothing better than combining two great tools - a cell phone with casino games! Horseracing is no exception. This new mobile casino game means that you can find entertainment with horseracing on the go. No matter where you are - at the mall, at the laundry mat, at a pub, or at home, you can enjoy horseracing and have more fun betting on it. You'll find that you have to protect your phone - your friends will soon want to enjoy horseracing as well and will try to get in on the action. This new mobile casino game will be a great success - and you will be at the forefront of that action.

How Do You Access Royal Derby?

Royal Derby will be set up for clients as a standard Java game and as a web application. It can be played on web-enabled Smartphones including the iPhone and G1 Android. Spin3 is very excited about this new mobile casino game and is confident that it will be enormously popular with the horseracing enthusiasts out there. Players will be able to either bet on their thoroughbred of choice to win or they can place an "each way" bet which means the winner of each race is confirmed with a photo finish.

Horseracing Is Coming!

Players should get ready for this enticing new mobile casino game. Royal Derby will be available over the next few weeks from Spin3's GameWire platform for all Spin3 clients. They will also be providing a demo of this new mobile casino game at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 16th-19th. Get ready for more fun horseracing!