India Considers High Revenues from Online Gaming

Every country wants to have extra money to use for education, employment and social programs. Every country wants its citizens to have jobs and to feel fulfilled. One way that some countries are finding to add revenues to their coffers is through online gambling. There are high online gaming revenues possible for virtually any country if they are wiling to understand the benefits involved and to become part of modern times. India is contemplating these figures and thinking about taping into these high online gaming revenues possible if they join the online gambling world.

Gaming Revenues Overview

Countries can collect an incredible amount of money for their government through online gambling. Online gaming can earl the government at least Rs 12.5 billion or $318 million each year. This figure will rise each year as more people enjoy online gaming and find out more about it. Amar Sinha who works for the Pan India Network Infravest that runs the Playwin lottery brand says that they estimate the government could earln Rs. 250 billion or $6.37 million in five to ten years. Five percent of this money spent on online gaming goes to the government through taxes. This will give the Indian government Rs. 12.5 billion.

Great Uses with High Online Gaming Revenues Possible

This amount of money can greatly enhance the government's revenue and can be used for amazing things. The government could use this money in the social sector, to create more schools and to better education, to increase healthcare and lower healthcare costs and to aid senior citizens. There are no ends to the benefits that such money could provide. And all of this money could come from people having fun! Allowing people to enjoy themselves and to play online casino games will allow the government to improve its services and to help its citizens. It's a win-win situation.

Reduce Unemployment

In addition to helping people through taxes and having high online gaming revenues possible, gaming will help with employment. More people will be needed to program the games, to create the online sites and to work in tourism, among other things. This can only help by giving people in India jobs and by lowering the unemployment. Online gaming is a $200 billion industry that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Keeping Up with the Times

As India globalizes and becomes more modern, it must keep up with the times. Online gaming is a booming industry, and one that people in India want to have the opportunity to participate in as well. The government loses out on huge revenues with paper lotteries and illegal betting. Online gaming would allow for high online gaming revenues possible only through this means of play.
Let's hope that India will see this as an opportunity and join the global market in offering online gaming. The high online gaming revenue possible makes it hard to turn down. And the potential money to the government could do wonders for the people on India.