For whom is Gambling in India Profitable?

Online gambling is a gold mine for certain people. Imagine what it takes to build a casino. You need to purchase the land, build the buildings, and maintain the structures. You need to pay for people to man the games, for security, air conditioning, waitresses, extra staff, a cleaning crew, and more. The list is virtually never ending. If you own an online gambling facility, however, none of this is necessary. All of those expenses just became profits - making online gambling extremely profitable.

Online Gambling - Profits Whom?

While it's certainly potentially more profitably to run an online gambling location than it is a land-based one, it's still interesting and important to evaluate who wins with online gambling. While the owner of the online gambling sites make more money and have less expenses, the players often benefit as well. Online gambling is so much more cost effective that the sites are willing to offer players all sorts of incentives to play. They can make the odds of winning that much more enticing and offer great reasons for you to want to play at their site.

Online Gambling - The Numbers

It is estimated that between 30 million and 40 million people use online gambling sites! Online gambling is said to generate over three billion dollars each year, and 30% of that is coming from Asia. Other areas that make a profit with online gambling include software developers and banking developers. Online gambling sites need great software to keep up with the games they want to offer. They also need safe and effective online banking and money transfer methods.

What About Gambling in India?

So, with all of this information, is gambling in India profitable? At the moment, the Indian legislature prohibits gambling online, although there is no stated law to that effect. Gambling in India is a fast-growing industry and one that many Indians are enjoying. For the government to continue to keep the market for gambling in India down, they will have to be quite savvy. Most gambling sites are offshore - this makes them beyond Indian jurisdiction. In addition, some people view gambling in India is a positive step to create more tourism. The Goa government sees casino style gambling as a part of their tourism program, and a number of new online gambling sites specifically target the South Asian population.

Only time will tell how the state of gambling in India will do. Online gambling is certainly a big business around the world, and one that attracts a huge number of people to it. It will be interesting to see if gambling in India takes off and if it is embraced or derided in the process.