New Casino to Open Soon in India

If you live in India and have always wanted to be able to enjoy casino life, you're finally going to have your wish come true. Up until this point, India has never been allowed to have casinos. People living in India have had to travel to Nepal or to the offshore casinos of Goa in order to enjoy the spectacle and fun offered by casinos. Now, however, all of that is about to change.

Sikkim Government will Host the New Casino in India

India is about to have its first land based live casino. The luxury hotel, the Royal Plaza, has been given the official go-ahead to create a live casino at their hotel. The Sikkim government just announced on November 12, 2008 that Teesta Rangit Private Ltd. can install and operate a casino at this luxury hotel.

The Look of the New Casino in India

If you can't wait to see what this casino will have to offer, here's your chance to hear a little more. This new casino in India will have 40 slot machines, blackjack tables, poker, baccarat tables and manually controlled roulette. All of this will radiate out from this 60 room luxury hotel. The state government has issued the Royal Plaza a provisional license that will allow them to run the casino now, until they get their permanent license with their five star listing. Assuming that it fulfills the expectations and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Tourism, the Royal Plaza will get its five star hotel rating within five years, and will then get its original casino license.

Feelings about the New Casino in India

The owners and workers at the Royal Plaza are thrilled with this prospect. As the director of the Royal Plaza, Naresh Subba, says, "With the provisional license, I can start the casino now." He continues by explaining that they will have a soft launch soon, but are waiting for the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to come and inaugurate the casino.

A Tourist Attraction

Obviously, the Royal Plaza has been working very hard to become a hot tourist attraction. The addition of this new casino in India will help to raise their status a great deal and will, hopefully, bring even more tourists to the area. This can only benefit India, and the Royal Plaza.

Go and See for Yourself!

If you've never been to a casino grand opening, then you don't know what you are missing. If you get the chance, try to go to this opening to see the first new casino in India. This is a news-worthy moment that will live in India's history forever. Even if you can't get there immediately, try to get to the Royal Plaza at some point this year, and enjoy this great addition to India's tourism and growth.