Are You Thunderstruck?

Thunderstruck is a strong word. It's a word whose sound clearly conveys its meaning. Stop right now and say it out loud: thunderstruck. On hearing it, you can just imagine someone knocked over by a force stronger than himself. You would never imagine that a game called Mobile Thunderstruck is a mobile slot machine game. And it's a five-reel mobile, nine-payline, forty-five-coin slot machine game, too. And it's based on Norse mythology, at that. With some of the imagery involved, you might just consider yourself thunderstruck by the game; clearly the concept of royalty and majesty came into play in the creation of this game. The designers clearly understand the common fantasy of royalty, especially that of the romanticized royalty of the olden days, and have capitalized on it in the creation of Mobile Thunderstruck.

Mobile Thunderstruck, the Game

Produced by Microgaming's mobile client Spin3 as its 15th successful mobile game, Mobile Thunderstruck features a Norse god called Thor, the god of thunder, among a number of other figures from Norse mythology. Among the other symbols featured on the reels and paylines are other Norse gods, rams, and Thor's hammer. In this game, the Thor symbol can act as a wild and when multiple Thor images show up on the same payline, payouts to the player will be multiplied by certain amounts. The scatter symbols in Mobile Thunderstruck produce 15 free spins and when you use Mobile Thunderstruck's gamble feature, you can win doubled, tripled or quadrupled payouts.

Mobile Thunderstruck boasts a compact design that would fit well on the screen of any mobile device. Its images are colorful and majestic; one looks like the outpost of a palace or a fort, one looks like a lightning bolt, one looks like a glass hammer, one looks like a hand holding a scepter of some kind and many consist of different letters of the English alphabet. Mobile Thunderstruck was produced originally in the United Kingdom and for now is available at the All Slots Mobile Casino and will branch out into other casinos as well.

As it is a well-produced and well-designed game, Mobile Thunderstruck should present itself to players as a game specifically made for the mobile gaming aficionados and also perhaps to those who have affinity for classics in general, or for Norse mythology in particular. That's really the goal of a mobile game - or of any game, really. The goal is to identify players' interests and fantasies and to cater to them. And when it comes down to it, everyone has fantasies or dreams of being royalty at some point in their lives and games can help them to live those fantasies in a setting in which they won't feel the need to insubordinate another person or people. At the end of the day, it's healthy. This slots game will leave you, for lack of a better term, well, thunderstruck.