Mobile Mermaid's Millions

It's time to dive into one of the mobile games with the theme that you'll simply love - mobile Mermaid's Millions at the Indian online casino. This is a great offering as part of the mobile games collection and one that you'll find at the Indian online casino sites. The theme with mobile Mermaid's Millions is, of course, Mermaids in the sea and the game offers a splashing good time - and great chances to win.

The Mobile Mermaid's Millions Game

The mobile Mermaid's Millions game offers the same crisp graphics and great chances to win as the online counterpart and can be found at the Indian online casino. It's a five reel, 15 payline game with great gambling options and offerings. As mobile games go, it's available on many mobile platforms, ensuring that you can play it with the iPhone, with Android and with many other mobile devices. The mobile Mermaid's Millions allows for denominations that range from 1 cent to $1 and it has a maximum bet of $75. This means that novice gamblers to the most experienced with be engaged by this Indian online casino game and will have fun while enjoying mobile games. Regular symbols with this great game include the Clam, the Seahorse, the Starfish, the Lobsters and more.

More Mobile Games Fun

Other features with mobile Mermaid's Millions include the Wild Neptune symbol and the Scatter Mermaid. If you have three or more scatter symbols, you'll get into the free spin bonus game. With only two of the Mermaid symbols, you'll win a jackpot and if three of them appear, then you'll get to the 10 free spins section of the game. All payouts for the Free Spins section of mobile Mermaid's Millions include tripled payouts.

More Indian Online Casino Options

Now, with mobile Mermaid's Millions, you'll also have great benefits from the Neptune symbol. If you get five of the Neptune symbols with mobile Mermaid's Millions, you'll have a mobile jackpot of 7500 times what you bet. Watch out for the Treasure Chest symbols as well, since three or more of them on an enabled payline brings you to the Treasure Bonus game where you'll pick 3 of 12 closed treasure chests to win great prizes.

Mobile Games Fun

Anyway that you look at it, mobile games offer great chances to win and great fun in the process. And they offer a great way to have portable entertainment. Enjoy the mobile games offered at the Indian online casino sites - and get swimming today with mobile Mermaid's Millions!