Mobile Blackjack is Here!

The world of mobile gambling - playing casino games on mobile devices such as cell phones and PDA's - is growing with leaps and bounds. Now, in addition to several slots games, roulette, baccarat, 3 card poker, keno and scratch cards, you can play one of the most popular strategy games - blackjack.

Mobile blackjack greatly enhances the mobile gaming arena because it does not depend totally on randomly generated numbers, but includes a great deal of strategy on the part of the player.

At present, the only blackjack available in the mobile mode is classic blackjack. It is played with one 52-card deck which is shuffled before each game. The mobile player is playing against the dealer and the game is no different from online classic blackjack.

Playing Mobile Blackjack

You are playing against the dealer and your aim is to beat the dealer by achieving a blackjack (a value of 21 in your hand), or getting a better hand than the dealer's, or the dealer goes bust (exceeds 21)

You place your bet and receive two virtual cards. You then can:

  • Be a winner with a "blackjack" if you have a value of 21 in your two cards
  • Hit, that is draw another card from the deck and add to your hand value
  • Stand, meaning you keep your two cards because you feel your hand is good enough to beat the dealer's.

    Classic blackjack is the simplest of all blackjack variations, but playing mobile blackjack on your phone makes it a game on the move, fun and exciting and you can play it anywhere.

    Global Mobile Blackjack

    Mobile blackjack, as well as all the other mobile casino games, is available to mobile phone holders in many countries around the world today.
    In countries such as India, where mobile gaming is just taking off, mobile phone owners have been playing free mobile games for several years now. Mobile casino games are just entering the Indian market where their popularity will undoubtedly grow at a tremendous rate.

    It won't be long before Indians will be playing mobile blackjack in addition to all the other mobile casino games available in Europe, the UK and the U.S. and as a result they will soon put aside the free mobile games that come with the software on their phones.