Mobile Baccarat Takes Hold in India

The mobile gaming industry is relatively new in India, pretty much in its diapers, but as more sophisticated mobile phones come on the Indian market, games like Mobile Baccarat are becoming more and more popular.

Created by Spin 3 together with the Microgaming online casino software company, Mobile Baccarat has rich graphics and exciting sound. And the whole game is simply in the palm of your hand.

As India develops in the area of computer and mobile technology, it stands to reason that mobile phone users would be interested in playing casino games on their mobile phones. At first, in India, the mobile devices were very primitive and did not access the internet, but now Indian mobile technology has jumped by leaps and bounds, and many casino games, including Mobile Baccarat, are now available.

Mobile Baccarat Is the Ultimate Table Game

Baccarat is the ultimate casino table game of chance and skill and Mobile Baccarat is no different. Mobile Baccarat is played with a single deck of 52 cards, and it is played against your mobile computerized dealer. The player bets on whose hand, his or the dealer's will reach the point count of 9.

In Mobile Baccarat, whether you play in India or anywhere else in the world, all face cards count as 0, the Ace is 1, and all other cards count at their face value. When adding up points, if the value of your hand is two digits, the first digit is dropped. For example: an 8 and a 4 with a value of 12 becomes 2.

Mobile Baccarat Will Rise in Popularity in India

According to recent surveys of the mobile gaming industry, India has ranked top in the mobile gaming market. It seems that mobile casino gambling is a much loved arena in India. For this reason, it is easy to assume that Mobile Baccarat will rise in popularity in India.

At this time there are not as many casino games available for mobile phones or other devices as one finds in online gambling. There are only about four or five table games available and Mobile Baccarat is one of them.

Despite the small size of the display on a mobile phone, Spin 3 together with Microgaming have brought graphic rich and colorfully detailed mobile casino games to the mobile gaming platform. This makes Mobile Baccarat especially attractive for gambling on the go; wherever internet access is available.