Play Mobile Keno on your Mobile Phone

Keno, the bingo style game, has long been a favorite at land based casinos and at online casinos. Now, thanks to the innovative wireless casino system provider, Spin3, this popular game can be played on your mobile (commonly called "cell") phone.

Spin3, with its advanced wireless technology, has adapted the original Keno board to fit into the screens of mobile phones and other hand held devices such as PDA's.

You can now play Keno on your phone exactly the same way you play the game online. You are allowed a pick of up to 15 of the 80 numbers on the board, and then the pay out is calculated in accordance to the number of matches you have made with the 20 balls that have been drawn from a virtual Keno basket. Obviously, the more numbers you play, the greater your chances of making a win.

Mobile Keno is simple, fun and fast. For reasons unknown it especially appeals to women gamblers who, according to surveys taken, seem to be prominent in online gambling. Thus, mobile Keno will undoubtedly prove to be very attractive to them.

Play-for-Fun Mobile Keno

In addition to playing mobile Keno for money, Spin3 has developed what they call a "play-for-fun" series as a part of their SpinFone system. This actually means that you can play free mobile games on your phone, many of which are interactive. Mobile Keno is included in the free mobile games series, so you don't always have to be spending money.

There are now around a dozen casino games available for mobile gaming. All of them have been developed by Spin3 together with Microgaming which is the leading worldwide supplier of online casino software. Microgaming's software ensures that your mobile Keno game will have delightful and enchanting graphics and real life audio sounds.

You will find that you can play Keno anywhere at anytime with this new and innovative mobile game. You usually take your phone with you everywhere you go, so if you find yourself in a dentist's or doctor's waiting room, you can always get out your mobile phone and play mobile Keno for the ten or twenty minutes you may have to wait - or perhaps even longer. It's a great way to pass the time!