Blackjack Card Counting and iPhone

Blackjack card counting is a known strategy to try to win at blackjack. It involved counting the number of cards that are played in the deck and keeping track of the number of high cards that have been played versus low cards. When you notice that more low cards have been played, it means that you have a probable advantage and that it's time to place your bet!

All Slots Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

There's been rumour that the clever guys at All Slots Casino are about to launch their new, long waited for All Slot Mobile iOS app. Let's wait and see if the expectations match reality.

iPhone Casino Apps for Blackjack Card Counting

One clever person, an Australian named Travis Yates, has developed a new iPhone application that allows casino goers to cheat at blackjack by counting cards! Australian casino operators are looking out for people using this iPhone Casino Apps called the Blackjack Card Counter. It can be bought for as little as a few dollars from the iTunes App Store.

Travis Yates and The iPhone Casino Apps

Travis is a lucky man in some ways today, and unlucky in other ways. His iPhone Casino Apps for blackjack card counting is gaining popularity as it is being banned. Recently the Nevada Gaming Control Board warned Las Vegas casinos to keep their eyes out for this blackjack card counting tool. This iPhone Casino Apps works both on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Travis says that his iPhone Casino Apps is intended only to help people to practice their card counting - but is not intended to be used in the casinos.

Stealth with iPhone Casino Apps

What makes this blackjack card counting device so sneaky is that it can be used in stealth mode in the player's pocket! The gambler knows where to press the screen depending on whether the card was more than or less than ten. The iPhone Casino Apps will keep track of the cards and will vibrate to tell the user when to place a bet. The gaming authorities obviously don't want people using this blackjack card counting device in their casinos and are outlawing its use and the use of other electronic devices.

iPhone Casino App Sales are Booming

Of course, as with most press, sales of the iPhone Casino Apps are booming as news spreads of the controversy! While Yates usually sells 10 copies of the iPhone Casino Apps each day, he recently sold 500 copies with all of the press.

Time will tell how Yates, the casinos, and technology today deal with this battle between the casino world and the technological advances as they flood the market. Until then, it's certainly interesting to follow the controversy and the changing casino world as a result of technology.