The Game of Cricket

The game of cricket is very popular in several countries. Of particular note are India (where it is a winter sport) and Australia (where it is usually played in the summer months). Cricket is a rather ancient game, being probably over 700 hundred years old. The game involves players who attempt to bat a ball as far as they can so that they can commence running rounds around the field. The more runs scored for the team, the better. Although the rules of the game of cricket are excessively complex to be detailed in this article, suffice to say that the game is an exciting one and fun to play as well as a very avid spectator sport. In fact, the bigger televised matches enjoy an estimated audience that at its highest peak is placed somewhere about 2 billion (that means that about a third of the entire world population were watching the match!) for the One Day International World Cup of 2007! The Australians are considered to have one of the finest cricket teams (they won the 2007 championship as well as the previous 28 championships - now that's what I call a winning streak!). The cricket team from India (where cricket is a national sport) is considered a very strong team as well. The chief opponent team of the Australian team is the Sri Lankan team though, which succeeded in defeating the Australian team in the 1996 finals.

Cricket Betting

From the very start of the development of cricket as a sport, cricket betting was an important factor in the game. Cricket betting also served to finance the cricket teams and ensured the interests of the nobility in keeping the game popular. Cricket betting was handled by skilled sports book keepers who would estimate the odds of a match and based on these estimates offer appropriate odds. Sports books today continue this time honored tradition and you will not find a self respecting sports book that does not have the option of cricket betting. Often, an online sports book will arrange so that people wagering on a match via their sports book will be able to watch the match online through special live feeds. The odds on the various teams are calculated based on the teams' past performances as well as any other information that is available to the sports book. In fact, it is in this way that professional sports bettors can make money by gaining information that is superior to that of the sports book. In the past, such information could be derived from computer programs but today, the sports book companies utilize precisely such programs for calculating their odds.

Great Popularity and Great Cricket Betting

Being such a famous and popular sport, cricket is the perfect sport for sports betting. Cricket betting is seen as a way to participate in the game and when it comes to international competitions cricket betting is often perceived as a nationalistic thing to do. This is of course also taken into account by the sports book companies. Also, such a great sport naturally brings to the field the finest players from all over the world. Consequently, you can expect to see only the best from the cricket sportsmen. The cricket match is thus a true sporting pleasure to watch and the knowledge that your heroes might even make you a bundle only makes the game that much more exciting!