Best Online Casino Awards 2008

If you were looking for a reliable, great place to enjoy online gambling, you’ve just been directed where to go. The recent Online Casino Awards from Casinomeister just showed that the Jackpot Factory has won two of their prestigious online casino awards for the second year in a row. That can reassure you that the Jackpot Factory is a fantastic place to enjoy your favorite online casino games with great customer service.

Understanding the Online Casino Awards

Casinomeister is a great resource on the web. This website’s goal is to make your online casino experience more enjoyable. To this end, they publicize information about online gambling including which sites are most helpful, which sites don’t keep up with the latest trends in online casino games, etc. They do the legwork so that you can have more fun with your online casino experience.

The Jackpot Factory Hits the Jackpot with the Online Casino Awards

Every year, they put out an extensive list of Online Casino Awards called the Meister Awards. These awards are intended to show online casino players where the best sites are on the web. They also shed light on problem sites and offer a bit of humor as well! This year, the Jackpot Factory won as the Best Online Casino Group for a second year in a row. In addition, their affiliate program, BrightShare, won as the Best Affiliate Program for a second year in a row! This can reassure online casino players that the Jackpot Factory uses fair conduct and that they want their players to be happy when they enjoy online gambling.

The Meister Awards for Online Casino Fun

According to Casinomeister, they gave this award to the Jackpot Factory because they create a positive gaming experience, even in a difficult US market. They listen to players’ ideas, issues and problems. They are dedicated to giving great service to online gambling players. In addition, BrightShare received the Best Affiliate Program award as part of the Online Casino Awards for their professionalism and commitment to players. They give top priority to their affiliates and to their players and they show professionalism in all of their online casino dealings.

Way to Go with Online Casino Awards!

Casinomeister does a great service for the online gambling world with these awards and with their website. Rather than trying to figure out for yourself where the best place to enjoy online gambling is, you can find out all sorts of information through their website. Their yearly Online Casino Awards shed light on many online casino sites and give you a few chuckles as well! In their awards, they cover both the good and the bad of the online casino world, and they offer great insight into many sites.

Jackpot Factory is Proud to Be Part of the Online Casino Awards

The Jackpot Factory is proud to be named the Best Casino Group and to have their affiliate program named the Best Affiliate Program. These esteemed Online Casino Awards say it all – and Jackpot Factory has hit the jackpot again with these awards!