Poker Tournaments

Although practically anyone can play poker, it takes a true love of poker and a load of confidence to join in a big poker tournament. Poker tournaments are played with tournament cash and the top players walk away with very real prize money. The jackpot is derived from the fact that there is an entry fee in order to join the poker tournament. In some tournaments it is also possible to purchase a re-"buy in" and thus increase the amount of tournament cash a player has. Poker tournaments are very exciting events and the bigger ones, like the Asian Classic Poker Tournament, are often appreciated as a spectator sport. These are often covered by the media. Of particular attraction are those tournaments where, thanks to hidden cameras, the spectators get to see the hands held by the players before these are actually revealed during play.

The Poker Players as Gladiators

The truly big and well televised poker events, like the previously mentioned Asian Classic Poker Tournament, are competitions which the players spend months preparing for. The tournament itself runs for several days during which the contestants must perform at top form if they want a chance to walk away with the big prize (at the Asian Classic Tournament, this could easily be several hundred thousand dollars!). As such, the poker tournaments contestants are treated as gladiators of old. They are pampered with every possible luxury by the casinos hosting the poker tournaments and unrivalled attention is lavished upon them. For the duration of the great event these are the heroes of the casino and are treated as such. Of course, like many gladiators there are some players at poker tournaments which become favorites of the crowd, their fame will last far beyond the time of the tournament. Good poker players will participate in several poker tournaments, perhaps even in online poker tournaments. These poker tournaments give the players a chance to hone their poker skills and in addition demonstrate that success at poker is all about perseverance and patience. Good poker players don't win all the time. They just win more cash than they invest in the long run.

The Asian Classic Poker Tournament

The Asian Classic Poker Tournament debuted in the beginning of the 21st century with a stunning success. The Asian Classic Tournament is considered one of the bigger tournaments in India and indeed is considered quite big even by global standards. In 2007, the Asian Classic Poker Tournament has a total prize pool of one million dollars. The primary site of the Asian Classic Poker Tournament is of course India where some of the most beautiful and decadent casinos exist. The Asian Classic Poker Tournament of 2007 was such a big success that it instantly guaranteed two things. First of all, it guaranteed that the big events of the next few years were sure to come and be even better than before. Second, it guaranteed that many more big poker tournaments would be hosted in India as the competition would also strive to make the most of a good thing.